Recipient Criteria Survey

The HG Core Committee is preparing for our fourth gleaning season and needs YOUR input.

While making efforts to serve the truly food insecure residents of Haywood County, questions have arisen as to who should and should not be receiving the produce we glean. As valued members of our gleening community, we now look to you to help the Core Committee create a set of “Recipient Entity Approval Criteria” for use in determining which recipient locations will be included in our produce deliveries. For this purpose, we have prepared a short, 6 question survey.

As a reminder, our Mission Statement is as follows: “The volunteers of Haywood Gleaners seek opportunities to glean or otherwise obtain fresh produce grown in Haywood County and distribute it to food insecure residents of Haywood County.”

Thank you for taking the time to answer our few questions. Your input is valuable to us.