Member Application

If you are interested in becoming a Haywood Gleaners member, please complete the following application. There are no long term commitments, obligations or cost to members. We are just a fun group of people working to help our community.

All glean notifications are sent by email only. If you do not have email, please provide an email address for a neighbor or family member who can call you when they receive the glean notification.

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Haywood Gleaners Policies:

  • Food cannot be sold but must be given free of charge.
  • Gleaners may take and use part of what they glean but must share with others. Please be sure to have any produce you are taking with you weighed with the total gleaning so we have complete numbers for each glean.
  • Haywood Gleaner members are not allowed to “cherry-pick” the best for themselves while giving produce of lesser quality to others.