Get Involved

So you want to help but you don’t know where to begin? Well, simply complete one of the online forms (members or recipients) and we’ll work with you to see how you best fit into our organization. Haywood Gleaners has a place for everyone who wants to help our community.

 Ways to get involved:

  • Become a Member of the Haywood Gleaners (it’s easy, just complete the online form). No long term commitments, just a bunch of good folks having fun and helping others.
  • Become a Distribution Site Partner (application form)
  • Farmers can provide gleaning fields (contact us)

Things you can do as a Member:

  • Glean in the fields
  • Distribute harvested produce to organizations in our county that help feed the hungry
  • Transport pickers to/from fields
  • Gather boxes for the field gleanings
  • Communicate with members about gleanings and other important news. (not all our members have email so some need a phone call)
  • Be a promoter and/or advocate of Haywood Gleaners and gleaning as a way to feed the hungry in our community