Emails Not Arriving from Haywood Gleaners

Posted on Sep 28, 2015

We have heard from some of our members that they are not receiving our glean notifications or Newsletter emails. There are steps you can take to assure you will receive our messages.

First, please Check your Junk or SPAM folder. Sometimes mass mailing services are caught in the anti-spam cycle.

There are ways to tell your email client that the is an okay address to receive so that you will see our notifications and newsletters in your Inbox.

If you let me know how you receive email (e.g., on the internet via a browser or with Outlook), I may be able to help you with the settings that allow our emails through to your Inbox. Email Donna

We also post the notifications on our Facebook page, which you can receive in your FB News Feed. If you are a Facebook user – go here to “Like” us.

The Glean Notifications are also posted to our website under News.