Apple Glean 9-18-15

Posted on Sep 13, 2015

Yes, Another Apple Glean!

But these are better than grocery store quality apples you must see! Come on out and take a few home. Good eats!

Quantity estimate: approximately 2000 lbs.

Thursday, September 17 2015

Meet at the glean location by 8:30 am

79 Red Barn Terrace, Waynesville

There is ample parking at this location but you are welcome to meet in the Russ Ave K-Mart parking lot and carpool to the glean location.

From Main street in Waynesville, turn onto Pigeon Street/Hwy 276 south.
Travel approximately 1.6 miles, turn right onto Crymes Cove Rd.
Proceed .3 miles, turn left onto Francis Orchard Rd.
Take the first left onto Trials Gap Rd.
In 3/10 of a mile, turn right onto Red Barn Terrace.

Please do NOT begin gleaning until instructed to do so by the Glean Manager.

Glean Manager:
Pamela Nolte-Viau


By 5:00pm Wed, Sep 16 please call, leave a message or text (preferred) Julie Powers at (281) 787-4114.

Identify yourself and indicate “yes” (you are available to transport for this glean) or “no” (you are not available for this glean).

Boxes (sturdy, medium size), sun protection, drinking water and gloves.

For this glean, you can bring long handled “apple pickers” or any similar reach-and-grab gadgets that would be helpful since we cannot use ladders to access high branches.

As always, please feel free to bring out-of-town guests and/or kids to the gleans. It’s fun for the whole family!

Shoes suitable for uneven ground and/or muddy conditions

Assume the glean is ON unless otherwise notified via email since it may be raining at your home but not at the field.

In an effort to assure fairness, produce will be distributed (on a rotating basis) to predetermined and preapproved Haywood Gleaners recipient entities. Gleaned produce may not be sold.

If desired, gleaners may take home a small amount of produce for their personal use AFTER it has been weighed/tallied. A grocery bag should be used for this purpose and gleaners may not “cherry pick” the best produce for their personal use.